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IST provides comprehensive solutions that allow you to concentrate on core revenue generating responsibilities and ways to develop future growth by offering experienced administration, advanced technology, proven processes and most importantly, quality trained people.


IST Discover-E provides a full range of on-site litigation support and off-site ediscovery services that will take you from Early Case Assessment through hosted review and litigation prep with the experience, technology and customer service you expect from the nation’s leader in technology and support services


At IST, we embrace the principle of “professionalism with a servant’s heart.”  We deliver at the highest level but never without ensuring our clients are 100% certain that our recommendation is a best-fit for the firm’s needs.


2016 was an exciting year as we gained ground with our eDiscovery offering, IST Discover-E netting several million dollars in new revenue.  This, coupled with the continuation of our industry-best client retention, allowed IST to focus on new and greater potential areas for improvement. One of those areas is our Records and Information Management program, which gives existing and new clients greater access to Certified Records and Information Management experts along with the tools needed to implement a full scale RIM program to compliment information governance protocols.


2017 has also seen an unprecedented amount of activity in FM and peripheral support programs including the introduction of DocStor RIM – our records management system bridging the gap between physical and electronic records workflows along with a burgeoning customer base in DocStor Legal. With these additions, IST is truly fulfilling its goal of providing a full suite of office support services to our customers.


IST cares about our clients and will work on pricing, process and workflow to fit their specific needs.


Averaging over twelve years of experience, IST's industry experts have the know-how to build litigation support and eDiscovery solutions that are both effective and adaptable.


IST has the infrastructure to support our clients and expand within hours to accommodate even the largest cases. IST has invested in the most sophisticated tools and technology to deliver the most accurate results with the ease of use that clients require.

Organizational Agility

IST can adjust our litigation support and ediscovery process at a moment's notice. We are not burdened by multiple layers of bureaucracy. It is our singular mission to find and implement the best solution that will result in a winning decision for our clients.

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